Quick Release Parts Holder Tray (PAT.P)



Quick release parts holder
Patent Number :M508513
This quick release parts holder can fixed screws, nails, small drill bits,
small bolts, small bearings, or parts, and has an easy release device.
One touch and push,the magnet ordinarily releases all the metal that it is holding.
It also can hang on the wall or nonmetal surface by screws.
The design and development of this Quick Resease Parts Tray, a product for organizing and storing items, was completed by ESPCO in 2015.
(Livedoor Blog)http://slivas2001.livedoor.blog/archives/20590111.html


Quick Release Parts Holder is a time-saving accessory that helps keep your workspace organized.
It features a strong magnetic base that holds metal parts and tools securely in place,
and a quick-release lever that allows you to easily remove the tray when you’re done.
This tray is perfect for use in automotive, aviation, or industrial applications,
where small parts need to be kept organized and within reach.
With its durable construction and easy-to-use design,
this Quick Release Magnetic Tool Parts Holder Tray is a must-have accessory for any professional or DIY mechanic.

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